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Complete Health Stack includes MSM, Chlorella, Green power tablets, Ester C again up to 25% discount. Ester-C® uplifts the immune system, The Real Thing Green Power is a unique blend of nature's most nutritious and healing superfoods from land, sea and fresh water, MSM-Body delivers sulphur for wear-and-tear repair and methyl groups that fuel natural energy production and Go green with The Real Thing Chlorella. It's a spring-cleaning superfood crammed with nutrients and the plant antioxidant chlorophyll.

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The Real Thing MSM-Body Powder and Tablets

More mobility. More energy. More repair. For athletes. The elderly. The injured. And, well, everyone else too. Now with over-achieving OptiMSM® – the clinically proven, internationally renowned MSM from Bergstrom Nutrition.

• More mobility, less pain
• Less cartilage damage
• Less inflammation
• More energy and activity
• Reduces hayfever and allergies

The Real Thing Chlorella Tablets

100% pure, cracked cell chlorella algae. It’s a superfood, a super detoxifier and a super source of the antioxidant chlorophyll.

•    More energy, due to improved nutritional status.
•    Detoxifier
•    Anti-aging
•    Probiotic function stimulates the growth of good bacteria and supports the digestive system.
•    Promotes tissue regeneration, growth and repair.
•    And more…

Green Power Tablets – 150 Tablets

Get it in powder or tablets. It’s full of green things from land, sea and fresh water. Organic wheat, barley and alfalfa grasses. Seven sea vegetables. And chlorella. Now that’s powerful.

• Immune-strengthening, infection-fighting properties that help clear viruses and bacteria
• Prevents inflammation
• Promotes tissue growth and repair
• Counters the effects of radiation
• Detoxifies the liver
• And more…

ESTER-C 60 tablets

Ester-C® uplifts the immune system, but it also has anti-ageing effects. Why? Because it’s an antioxidant. This means it protects the body against the free-radical damage that leads to premature ageing. Not old news, but good news.

Ester-C® Combo is an extra-potent, esterified form of vitamin C, blended with organic sea vegetables, citrus bioflavonoids, spirulina and selenium. Five immune-boosting ingredients. Five weapons of mass protection.

• Boosts the immune system
• Cuts incidences of the common cold
• Helps promote wound healing and connective tissue repair
• Helps with weight loss
• Helps manage and prevent thyroid problems
• Great for immune-compromised states like chronic fatigue, HIV/Aids, arthritis and allergies
• Help smooth out circulatory problems
• Helps reduce inflammation, swelling and allergic reactions
• And more… (To learn more about immune boosting, visit


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